Barcelona Design Tours – Discovering Creativity in the Catalan Capital

Barcelona inspires. From modernisme to the modernists, the city nurtures a creative culture that has rendered it the ‘Design Capital’ of Southern Europe.  Barcelona Design Tours will take you to the essence of Catalan disseny. Led by professionals (architects, journalists and desigers) who are passionate about local design culture, you’ll discover dazzling hotel interiors, sophisticated shops, the showrooms of major and emerging brands, creative hubs and artisan workshops.

Walking Tours.

BDT’s ‘Walking Tours’ get you under the skin of Barcelona’s most creative neighbourhoods. Lasting approximately 2.5 hours covering about 1.5 km in total. Along the way you will learn about their history and spirit, and meet the people and places that are carrying it into the 21st century.

19th C Architecture, Designer Rooftops & Shopping (The Eixample)

Barcelona’s elegant, 19th Century Eixample neighbourhood is a showcase of modernista architecture, highbrow boutiques and sophisticated hotels. We visit the city’s emblematic design emporiums, breathtaking hotel terraces, private contemporary art galleries and other secret spots of the bourgeoisie whilst learning about the origins of the city’s sensibility towards good design and aesthetic richness.

Cost: 65 Euros including refreshment break

(full day version: 130 Euros – includes lunch)

Urban Design, Street Art & Start-Ups (The Raval)

Barcelona’s left-of-centre downtown is an intense mix multiculturalism and cutting edge arts. The MACBA and CCCB, both bastions of the contemporary art scene, anchor an artistic community that thrives in the Ravel’s narrow streets and plazas. Street art and skate culture has found its spiritual home in the Raval, along with a myriad of bars, creative start-ups and innovative shops who feed off its sheer energy.

Cost: 65 Euros including refreshment break

(full day version: 130 Euros – includes lunch)

Design Galleries, Avantgarde Architecture & The Mediterranean (@22 / Poblenou)

High-tech buildings, digital start-ups and artist lofts collide in Poblenou. Once the city’s industrial periphery, its now the home of 22@ a business district and the DHUB, Barcelona’s new Design Museum. Poblenou is very much a work in progress, with award-winning architecture sitting cheek by jowl with semi-abandoned factories. But it’s richly rewarding, and gives incredible insight into the city’s creative future.

Cost: 70 Euros including refreshment break

(full day version: 135 Euros – includes lunch)

*Do it by bike! The wide esplanades and boulevards and new bike lanes of the Poblenou district make it ideal cycling territory. If you would like to do this tour on two wheels, check with us for prices.